Chris Isaacs race cars

Unique vision - innovative design - quality fabrication

Jedd's personal race car, a lightweight Anglia drag racer powered by a nitrous injected big-block Chevy.  The chassis is a double frame-rail, chrome-moly affair to SFI 25.1G, the body a fibreglass replica from Colin Millar (of 'Flyin' Fifer' Outlaw Anglia fame) which Jedd has further modified.  A host of neat ideas make this car probably the most technically advanced car in the class to date.

The three photos above show the 'elbow' track locator, pioneered by CIRC on their Plymouth Duster Pro Mod, and here being used by Jedd on his race car.  The elbow has all the advantages of a traditional 'A' frame locator without the disadvantage of a wearable (and difficult to repair) sliding joint.