Chris Isaacs race cars

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The Frosts have decided to upgrade their Super Comp Camaro (a back half CIRC car from a few years ago) with a new centre chassis and tinwork structure, which will enable the car to gain an SFI 25.4 chassis tag, legal for ET's down to 7.50 sec.

The first task after stripdown was to cut out the original floor, tunnel, subframe connectors and rear section of the original front subframe... then remove all rough edges.  In the centre photo it can be seen that the original GM front subframe has been cut by the firewall, and 0.125" plates welded over the open ends at the rear of the frame.

The completed tubular structure just prior to welding.  Note how the centre 'x' and rear crossmember are bent downwards at the centre to give clearance to the propshaft.

The welded and bracketed centre structure.


New fabricated steel floors with aluminium transmission tunnel, tubs and centre piece between the main rails at rear.

The finished job with all tin pieces powder-coated in satin black.  The different tones on the ornamental centre piece between the tubs were created by sanding and polishing with different grades of wet and dry paper on the powder coat finish.