Chris Isaacs race cars

Unique vision - innovative design - quality fabrication

This street/strip car has been quite a long-term project for Anthony and CIRC, the initial construction work having been started a few years ago.  The first job was to stretch the body by 5", adding material into the roof and sills to accomodate the longer 2-door passenger car doors, and giving a new wheelbase of 93" from the original 88".

Once the body was set in its new configuration, work on the 8.50 spec tube chassis could begin.

The 100E returned to CIRC for the tinwork to be fabricated.  Included in this was the construction of a smoothed-out, aluminium version of the original dash panel.  Steel tubs are used on this car as it will see a lot of street use as well as strip action.


Getting close now!  The car's most recent visit saw among other things the addition of the radiator shroud, parachute mount and Porsche rear exhaust trim for the CIRC-fabricated stainless exhaust system.

nthony likes his Rover V8's, and his 100E features what must be about the ultimate street/strip iteration of this famous engine.  A 6 litre, dry sumped Wildcat short block with ported Wildcat heads,throttle body fuel injection, and a shot of nitrous, this package will drive through a 5 speed Tremec manual gearbox, making the little 100E a fun car to drive!