Chris Isaacs race cars

Unique vision - innovative design - quality fabrication


CIRC constructs all its roll cages to the highest possible quality and to the relevant MSA or FIA specification, using either seamless cold-drawn steel, 4130 chrome-moly, or T45 tubing, all exclusively TIG-welded.  From the most basic 4-point roll bar to the most complex safety cell, we can provide you with a finely engineered and attractive solution for your drag racing or circuit racing roll cage needs.


Typical 8-point roll cage with rear diagonal member.


An 8-point cage with added funny-car enclosure for extra driver protection.


A more complex structure in chrome-moly tubing, this cage effectively forms the top half of a spaceframe chassis, tying into the original VW floorpan at strategic points.

Dual TVR Griffith roll bars.   CIRC have made several sets of these bars, which not only give added driver safety but also noticeably stiffen the chassis for increased driver feel.